A Biomechanical Model for the Development of Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis Control Systems


Peerdeman, Bart and Boere, Daphne and Kallenberg, Laura and Stramigioli, Stefano and Misra, Sarthak (2010) A Biomechanical Model for the Development of Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis Control Systems. In: 32nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 31 Aug - 4 Sep 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina (pp. pp. 519-523).

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Abstract:Advanced myoelectric hand prostheses aim to reproduce as much of the human hand's functionality as possible. Development of the control system of such a prosthesis is strongly connected to its mechanical design; the control system requires accurate information on the prosthesis' structure and the surrounding environment, which can make development difficult without a finalized mechanical prototype. This paper presents a new framework for the development of electromyographic hand control systems, consisting of a prosthesis model based on the biomechanical structure of the human hand. The model's dynamic structure uses an ellipsoidal representation of the phalanges. Other features include underactuation in the fingers and thumb modeled with bond graphs, and a viscoelastic contact model. The model's functions are demonstrated by the execution of lateral and tripod grasps, and evaluated with regard to joint dynamics and applied forces. Finally, additions are suggested with which this model can be of use in mechanical design and patient training as well.
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