Incremental Distance Transforms (IDT)


Schouten, Theo E. and Broek, Egon L. van den (2010) Incremental Distance Transforms (IDT). In: 20th IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition, ICPR 2010, 23-26 August 2010, Istanbul, Turkey (pp. pp. 237-240).

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Abstract:A new generic scheme for incremental implementations of distance transforms (DT) is presented: Incremental Distance Transforms (IDT). This scheme is applied on the cityblock, Chamfer, and three recent exact Euclidean DT (E2DT). A benchmark shows that for all five DT, the incremental implementation results in a significant speedup: 3.4×−10×. However, significant differences (i.e., up to 12.5×) among the DT remain present. The FEED transform, one of the recent E2DT, even showed to be faster than both city-block and Chamfer DT. So, through a very efficient incremental processing scheme for DT, a relief is found for E2DT’s computational burden.
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