Teams and cardiac surgery


Schraagen, Jan Maarten and Ven, Josine van de and Barach, Paul and Smit, Meike (2009) Teams and cardiac surgery. In: 9th bi-annual International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making, “NDM and Computers”, NDM9, 23-26 June, 2009, Covent Garden, London.

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Our study is designed to identify human factors that are a threat to the safety of children with heart disease.

Research approach
After an initial observation period, we will apply a major safety intervention. We will then re-measure the occurrence and types of human factors in the operating room, and the incidence of adverse events, near misses and hospital death, to evaluate if there was a significant post-intervention reduction.

We focus on challenges encountered during the training of the observers. Research Limitations
Because of the complexity of the OR, observations are necessarily subjective.

This work is original because of the systematic evaluation of a safety intevention and the training protocol for the observers.

Take Away Message
Systematic and periodic assessment of observers is required when teamwork is observed in complex, dynamic settings.
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