Local interaction of light with periodic photonic structures


Flück, Eliane (2003) Local interaction of light with periodic photonic structures. thesis.

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Abstract:Photonic crystals are structures with a strong relation between geometry and op-
tical properties. The application of near-field methods is a new and challenging
approach to investigate the local optical properties of photonic crystals. The op-
tical signals obtained in crystal structures of various dimensionalities can be di-
rectly related to the local geometry of the structure. In contrast to this local probe
technique that enables sub-wavelength resolution, far-field approaches return in-
formation that is spatially averaged. Reflectivity experiments, for example, reveal
the long-range quality of a crystalline structure or the effect of stopgaps on the
overall light propagation. By combining the complementary near-field and far-field
results, a complete picture of the optical properties in a photonic crystal structure
Item Type:Thesis
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