A characterization of extremal graphs with no matching-cut


Bonsma, Paul (2005) A characterization of extremal graphs with no matching-cut. In: European Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Applications, EuroComb '05, September 5-9, 2009, Berlin, Germany (pp. pp. 135-138).

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Abstract:A graph is called (matching-)immune if it has no edge cut that is also a matching. Farley and Proskurowski proved that for all immune graphs G=(V,E) , |E|≥⌈3(|V|-1)/2⌉ , and constructed a large class of immune graphs that attain this lower bound for every value of |V(G)| , called ABC graphs. They conjectured that every immune graph that attains this lower bound is an ABC graph. We present a proof of this conjecture.
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