Audio-tactile stimuli to improve health and well-being : a preliminary position paper


Dijk, Esko O. and Nijholt, Anton and Erp, Jan B.F. van and Kuyper, Ewoud and Wolferen, Gerard van (2010) Audio-tactile stimuli to improve health and well-being : a preliminary position paper. In: EuroHaptics Special Symposium Haptic and Audio-Visual Stimuli: Enhancing Experiences and Interaction, 7 July 2010, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 1-10).

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Abstract:From literature and through common experience it is known that stimulation of the tactile (touch) sense or auditory (hearing) sense can be used to improve people's health and well-being. For example, to make people relax, feel better, sleep better or feel comforted. In this position paper we propose the concept of combined auditory-tactile stimulation and argue that it potentially has positive effects on human health and well-being through influencing a user's body and mental state. Such effects have, to date, not yet been fully explored in scientific research. The current relevant state of the art is briefly addressed and its limitations are indicated. Based on this, a vision is presented of how auditory-tactile stimulation could be used in healthcare and various other application domains. Three interesting research challenges in this field are identified: 1) identifying relevant mechanisms of human perception of combined auditory-tactile stimuli; 2) finding methods for automatic conversions between audio and tactile content; 3) using measurement and analysis of human bio-signals and behavior to adapt the stimulation in an optimal way to the user. Ideas and possible routes to address these challenges are presented.
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