Stereo block copolymers of L- and D-lactides


Yui, Nobuhiko and Dijkstra, Pieter J. and Feijen, Jan (1990) Stereo block copolymers of L- and D-lactides. Makromolekulare Chemie, 191 (3). pp. 481-488. ISSN 0025-116X

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Abstract:Sequential diblock copolymers composed of L- and D-lactic acid residues were synthesized through a living ring-opening polymerization of L- and D-lactide initiated by aluminium tris(2-propanolate). The composition of the block copolymers was varied by changing the reaction conditions and monomer over initiator ratio and confirmed by 1H NMR analysis, molecular weight determination and optical rotation measurements. Molecular weights ranged from 1,3 to 2,0 · 104 with 1,2 < Mw/Mn < 1,4. Stereocomplex formation in all block copolymers was determined using differential scanning calorimetry showing melting temperatures of about 205°C.
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