A Case for Custom, Composable Composition Operators


Havinga, Wilke and Bockisch, Christoph and Bergmans, Lodewijk (2010) A Case for Custom, Composable Composition Operators. In: First International Workshop on Composition: Objects, Aspects, Components, Services and Product Lines, 15 March 2010, Rennes, France (pp. pp. 45-50).

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Abstract:Programming languages typically support a fixed set of com- position operators, with fixed semantics. This may impose limits on software designers, in case a desired operator or semantics are not supported by a language, resulting in suboptimal quality characteristics of the designed software system. We demonstrate this using the well-known State design pattern, and propose the use of a composition infrastructure that allows the designer to define custom, composable composition operators. We demonstrate how this approach improves several quality factors of the State design pattern, such as reusability and modularity, while taking a reason- able amount of effort to define the necessary pattern-related code.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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