Nylon 46-polytetramethylene oxide segmented block copolymers


Gaymans, R.J. and Schwering, P. and Haan, J.L. de (1989) Nylon 46-polytetramethylene oxide segmented block copolymers. Polymer, 30 (6). pp. 974-977. ISSN 0032-3861

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Abstract:Block copolymers were synthesized from amine-terminated polytetramethylene oxide (PMTO) (Mw 800 and 1130) and polyamide 4,6 salt. First prepolymers were prepared at 200–210°C in the presence of a solvent (pyrrolidone). The prepolymers were postcondensed at 255°C (where possible in the solid state) to a high molecular weight. In the materials the endgroups were analysed, and the inherent viscosities and ethanol extraction values measured. The thermal properties were determined with d.s.c. and d.m.a. With ethanol, polyether could be extracted. Thus it seems that not all the polyether is present as part of the block copolymer. Melt phasing seems to have taken place and occurs even more with the higher molecular weight PTMO. With d.m.a. two glass transitions were observed; one of the polyether phase and one of the polyamide-rich phase. The melting temperatures of these polyamide 4,6 block copolymers are high (200–270°C), and the torsion modulus remained fairly constant up to these high melting temperatures.
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