Towards remote monitoring and remotely supervised training


Hermens, Hermie J. (2008) Towards remote monitoring and remotely supervised training. In: International Conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity and Movement, 21-24 May 2008, Rotterdam, Netherlands (pp. pp. 54-55).

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Abstract:The growing number of elderly and people with chronic disorders in our western society puts such pressure on our healthcare system that innovative approaches are demanded to make our health care more effective and more efficient. One way of innovation of healthcare can be obtained by introducing new services which enable less pressure on the intramural health care and support a more independent living and self efficacy of patients. Two of such services are Remote monitoring and remotely supervised training (RMT). Remote monitoring enables freedom to the patient with the assurance that assistance is possible whenever required. Remotely supervised treatment enables efficient and effective user-centred training anywhere and anytime with an intensity not feasible in an intramural setting. It is our vision that remote monitoring and remotely supervised treatment applications will become very important for patients (safety, more in control, convenience), health care insurances (efficiency, cost reduction) and healthcare service providers (more effective, innovative).
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