Elementary excitations in antiferromagnetic Heisenberg systems


Iske, P.L. and Caspers, W.J. (1987) Elementary excitations in antiferromagnetic Heisenberg systems. Physica A, 146 (1-2). pp. 151-174. ISSN 0378-4371

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Abstract:The structure of the (eigen)states of antiferromagnetic Heisenberg systems is discussed. These systems are shown to be equivalent to classical systems of coupled harmonic oscillators. Most attention will be paid to the first excited state. This state is supposed to be a triplet. An approximation method, which is a generalization of a method, used to describe the ground state of Heisenberg systems, will be used to describe elementary excitations. The working of the method is demonstrated by some small-system calculations.
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Official URL:https://doi.org/10.1016/0378-4371(87)90226-3
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