Cost-effective solution to synchronized audio-visual capture using multiple sensors


Lichtenauer, Jeroen and Valstar, Michel and Shen, Jie and Pantic, Maja (2009) Cost-effective solution to synchronized audio-visual capture using multiple sensors. In: IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance, AVSS ’09, 2-4 Sept. 2009, Genova, Italy (pp. pp. 324-329).

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Abstract:Applications such as surveillance and human motion capture require high-bandwidth recording from multiple cameras. Furthermore, the recent increase in research on sensor fusion has raised the demand on synchronization accuracy between video, audio and other sensor modalities. Previously, capturing synchronized, high resolution video from multiple cameras required complex, inflexible and expensive solutions. Our experiments show that a single PC, built from contemporary low-cost computer hardware, could currently handle up to 470MB/s of input data. This allows capturing from 18 cameras of 780x580pixels at 60fps each, or 36 cameras at 30fps. Furthermore, we achieve accurate synchronization between audio, video and additional sensors, by recording audio together with sensor trigger- or timestamp signals, using a multi-channel audio input. In this way, each sensor modality can be captured with separate software and hardware, allowing maximal flexibility with minimal cost.
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