A Rule Set to Detect Interference of Runtime Enforcement Mechanisms


Malakuti, Somayeh and Bockisch, Christoph and Akşit, Mehmet (2009) A Rule Set to Detect Interference of Runtime Enforcement Mechanisms. In: 20th annual International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering, ISSRE 2009, 16-19 Nov 2009, Mysore, India. (In Press)

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Abstract:Runtime enforcement aims at verifying the active execution trace of executing software against formally specified properties of the software, and enforcing the properties in case that they are violated in the active execution trace. Enforcement mechanism of individual properties may interfere with each other, causing the overall behavior of the executing software to be erroneous. As the number and the complexity of the properties to be enforced increase, manual detection of the inferences becomes an error-prone and effort-consuming task. Hence, we aim at providing a framework for automatic detection of interferences. As the initial steps to create such a framework, in this paper we first provide formal definitions of an enforcement mechanism and enforcement operators. Second, we define a rule set to detect the interference among properties.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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