Nanofabrication of bioinspired architectures with light harvesting proteins


Escalante Marun, Maryana (2009) Nanofabrication of bioinspired architectures with light harvesting proteins. thesis.

open access
Abstract:In this research we used diverse nanofabrication techniques in order to direct the assembly on micro- and
nanostructured surfaces of purified units from the photosynthetic unit of purple bacteria. This allowed us to explore
the unique energy transfer properties of light harvesting complexes by producing biomolecular photonic wires. We
developed an approach based on the combination of site-directed mutagenesis, nanoimprint lithography and
multivalent host-guest interactions for the realization of engineered ordered functional arrays of purified components
of the photosynthetic system, the membrane-bound LH2 complex. In addition to micrometer-scale patterned
structures, we demonstrated the use of nanometer-scale hard NIL stamps to generate functional protein arrays
approaching molecular dimensions. We also report the first observation of long-range transport of excitation energy
within a bio-mimetic molecular light-guide constructed from LH2 antenna complexes organized vectorially into
functional nanoarrays. Fluorescence microscopy of the emission of light after local excitation with a diffractionlimited
light beam reveals long-range transport of excitation energy over micrometer distances, which is much larger
than required in the parent bacterial system.
Other biological systems used were visible fluorescent proteins and α-synuclein, an intrinsically unfolded protein
associated with Parkinson’s disease. We report for the first time the directed assembly and characterization of FRET
pairs on micrometer dimension patterned surfaces. In order to characterize the biological assemblies on the surfaces
AFM imaging in combination with optical imaging (spectral fluorescence microscopy and lifetime measurements)
were performed in liquid conditions.
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