When should you press the reload button?


Timmer, J.B. (2009) When should you press the reload button? AENORM : Magazine for students in Actuarial Sciences, Econometrics & Operations Research, 64 . pp. 22-24. ISSN 1568-2188

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Abstract:While surfing on the Internet, you may have observed the following. If a webpage takes a long time to download and you press the reload button then often the page promptly appears on your screen. Hence, the download was not hindered by congestion — then you’d better try again later — but by some other cause.
If you do not know if some cause (like congestion) may hinder your download then what is a good strategy? When should you cancel the download and when should you press the reload button? Should you press it immediately or should you wait for a while? And how long should you wait before cancelling the download? We analyze these issues in this article, which is a non-technical impression of the paper “Efficiency of Repeated Network Interactions” [4] by Judith Timmer (UT) and Michel Mandjes (UvA).
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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