Structure and conductivity of pyrochlore and fluorite type solid solutions


Burggraaf, A.J. and Dijk, T. van and Verkerk, M.J. (1981) Structure and conductivity of pyrochlore and fluorite type solid solutions. Solid State Ionics, 5 . pp. 519-522. ISSN 0167-2738

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Abstract:High oxygen conductivities can be achieved in cation ordered LnxZrl-x=xO2-l/2x (Ln=Gd, Nd) solid solutions with pyrochlore (P) structure. High values of the pre-exponential factor σo are correlated with the degree of anion disorder in the 8b oxygen sublattice (neutron diffraction). The activation energy ΔH is lowered by cation ordering (F-P transition; effect of ) due to the occurence of a preferential diffusion path. Maximum oxygen conductivity is achieved in (1−x)Bi2O3−x Ln2O3 solid solutions with fluorite related δ-Bi2O3 structure for Ln=Er and x=0.20. Neutron diffraction measurements indicate the occurence of short range ordering in “Er-O units” with relative small interatomic distances at T < 820 K. This leads to an increased activation energy.
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