Extending remote patient monitoring with mobile real time clinical decision support


Hermens, Hermie and Jones, Val (2009) Extending remote patient monitoring with mobile real time clinical decision support. In: Annual Symposium of the IEEE-EMBS Benelux Chapter 2009, 9-10 November 2009, Enschede, the Netherlands (pp. pp. 50-53).

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Abstract:Large scale implementation of telemedicine services such as telemonitoring and teletreatment will generate huge amounts of clinical data. Even small amounts of data from continuous patient monitoring cannot be scrutinised in real time and round the clock by health professionals. In future huge volumes of such data will have to be routinely screened by intelligent software systems. We investigate how to make m-health systems for ambulatory care more intelligent by applying a Decision Support approach in the analysis and interpretation of biosignal data and to support adherence to evidence-based best practice such as is expressed in treatment protocols and clinical practice guidelines. The resulting Clinical Decision Support Systems must be able to accept and interpret real time streaming biosignals and context data as well as the patient’s (relatively less dynamic) clinical and administrative data. In this position paper we describe the telemonitoring/teletreatment system developed at the University of Twente, based on Body Area Network (BAN) technology, and present our vision of how BAN-based telemedicine services can be enhanced by incorporating mobile real time Clinical Decision Support. We believe that the main innovative aspects of the vision relate to the implementation of decision support on a mobile platform; incorporation of real time input and analysis of streaming
biosignals into the inferencing process; implementation of decision support in a distributed system; and the consequent challenges such as maintenance of consistency of knowledge, state and beliefs across a distributed environment.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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