GSO: Designing a Well-Founded Service Ontology to Support Dynamic Service Discovery and Composition


Bonino da Silva Santos, Luiz Olavo and Guizzardi, Giancarlo and Guizzardi-Silva Souza, Renata and Goncalves da Silva, Eduardo and Ferreira Pires, Luis and Sinderen, Marten van (2009) GSO: Designing a Well-Founded Service Ontology to Support Dynamic Service Discovery and Composition. In: 13th Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference Workshops, EDOCW, 1-4 Sept 2009, Auckland, New Zealand (pp. pp. 35-44).

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Abstract:A pragmatic and straightforward approach to semantic service discovery is to match inputs and outputs of user requests with the input and output requirements of registered service descriptions. This approach can be extended by using pre-conditions, effects and semantic annotations (meta-data) in an attempt to increase discovery accuracy. While on one hand these additions help improve discovery accuracy, on the other hand complexity is added as service users need to add more information elements to their service requests. In this paper we present an approach that aims at facilitating the representation of service requests by service users, without loss of accuracy. We introduce a Goal-Based Service Framework (GSF) that uses the concept of goal as an abstraction to represent service requests. This paper presents the core concepts and relations of the Goal-Based Service Ontology (GSO), which is a fundamental component of the GSF, and discusses how the framework supports semantic service discovery and composition. GSO provides a set of primitives and relations between goals, tasks and services. These primitives allow a user to represent its goals, and a supporting platform to discover or compose services that fulfil them.
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