Wear numbers for ball cup and journal bearings


Ligterink, D.J. and Moes, H. (1980) Wear numbers for ball cup and journal bearings. Wear, 59 (2). pp. 377-382. ISSN 0043-1648

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Abstract:A wear number is defined for ball cup bearings and for journal bearings where the cup and the cylindrical bearing are made of soft material. This dimensionless wear number provides a relation between the following five quantities: the radius of the ball or the length of the journal bearing in millimetres, the wear modulus in newtons per square millimetre, the maximum wear depth rate of the cup or the cylindrical bearing in millimetres per second, the force between the mating surfaces in newtons and the angular angular speed of the ball or the journal in radians per second. The wear volume of the plastic cup of a hip joint prosthesis was calculated and from the point of view of wear the Charnley prosthesis is probably superior to the Charnley-Muller prosthesis.
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