The crystal and molecular structure of ammonium titanyl oxalate


Velde, G.M.H. van de and Harkema, S. and Gellings, P.J. (1974) The crystal and molecular structure of ammonium titanyl oxalate. Inorganica Chimica Acta, 11 . pp. 243-252. ISSN 0020-1693

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Abstract:Ammonium titanyl oxalate monohydrate, (NH4)2 TiO(C2O4)2·H2O, is monoclinic with cell parameters A = 13.473(2), B = 11.329(1), C = 17.646(2) Å, β = 126.66(1)°. The space group is P21/c with Z = 8, dc = 1.808 g cm−3 and dm = 1.80 g cm−3. The crystal structure was determined from single-crystal diffractometer data and refined by least-squares methods using isotropic thermal parameters. The conventional R factor was 7.0% for 2466 used reflections.
The anions consist of cyclic tetranuclear complexes [TiO O (C2O4)2]48− with symmetry. The titanium atoms are six-coordinated with two bridging oxygen atoms cis to one another and four oxygen atoms of bidentate oxalate groups, together forming a distorted octahedron. The titanium atoms of the tetramer are linked through oxygen atoms at two neighbouring apices of each octahedron. The actual name of the compound should therefore be: ammonium cyclotetra-di-μ-oxo-cis-dioxalatotitanate(IV)tetrahydrate.
The di-μ-oxo-tetratitanium unit is an eight-membered ---O---Ti---O--- ring with Ti-O distances of successively 1.840(7), 1.785(7) and 1.855(6), 1.788(8) Å, repeated by the centre of symmetry, and the orientation of the atoms suggests the presence of dπ---pπ 3-center 2-electron bonds in each Ti---O---Ti set.
The Ti---O distances trans to the bridging oxygen atoms are much longer: 2.060(7), 2.101(7), 2.081(7) and 2.116(7) Å respectively, as is to be expected from the charge displacement due to the dπ---pπ bonding. Most O---Ti---O angles in the distorted octahedra differ considerably from 90°.
As was found by difference Fourier synthesis and thermal analysis, half of the crystal water is held very loosely compared to the other half.
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