A Level Converter provided with Slew-Rate Controlling Means


Annema, Anne J. (2000) A Level Converter provided with Slew-Rate Controlling Means. Patent.

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Abstract:A level converter for the converting of a first digital signal (U1) having a first voltage range into a second digital signal (U2) having a second voltage range comprising an amplifier (T0) having an input for receiving the first digital signal (U1) and an output for supplying the second digital signal (U2), a series arrangement for controlling the slew-rate of the second digital signal (U2) which comprises at least a first capacitor (C1) and a second capacitor (C2) and which is coupled between the output and the input of the amplifier (T0), and voltage controlling means for controlling the voltages (VC1, VC2) across the at least first and second capacitors (C1, C2). The voltage controlling means comprises at least one voltage source (Vls1, Vls2) for supplying a separate bias voltage to each internal node (N1, N2) of the series arrangement. The value of the separate bias voltage or the values of the separate bias voltages is / are dependent on the values of the first (U1) and the second (U2) digital signals.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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