Effect of the liquid layer on the impact behaviour of particles


Antonyuk, S. and Heinrich, S. and Dosta, M. and Buijtenen, M.S. van and Deen, N.G. and Kuipers, J.A.M. (2009) Effect of the liquid layer on the impact behaviour of particles. In: 9th International Symposium on Agglomeration, 22 - 26 June 2009, Sheffield, UK.

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Abstract:During a spray granulation process the moisture loading in fluidized beds has a great influence on
the inter-particle collision properties and hence on the flow behaviour. To study the influence of the
liquid layer as well as granule impact velocity on the impact behaviour free-fall experiments were
performed. During these experiments the g-Al2O3 granules were dropped from a predefined height
onto a liquid layer on the flat steel wall and the velocity-time curves were obtained using highspeed
video recording. The height of the liquid layer was varied from 50 mm to 1 mm. Moreover,
the tests were performed at different velocities and viscosities of liquid layer in the range of 1-300
mPa∙s. Both distilled water and water solutions of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose with different
concentrations (3, 6, 10 mass-%) were used.
The obtained restitution coefficients were compared with the experiments performed without liquid
film on the surface. For a granule impacted on a liquid film on the wall, the increase of liquid
viscosity decreases the restitution coefficient and thickness of liquid layer at which the granule
sticks. In the examined velocity range, with decreasing impact velocity the restitution coefficient
greatly decreases. To explain the obtained effects the force and energy balances for a particle
impacted on a liquid layer on the wall were derived. Both contributions to energy absorption
(granule-liquid layer and granule-wall contacts) have been taken into consideration
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