iButton enrolment and verification times for the pressure sequence smartcard biometric


Henderson, N.J. and White, N.M. and Hartel, P.H. (2001) iButton enrolment and verification times for the pressure sequence smartcard biometric. In: 2nd Conf. Smart card Programming and Security (E-smart), Cannes, France (pp. pp. 124-134).

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Abstract:With the growing number of smartcard applications there comes an increasing need to restrict access to the card itself. In previous work we proposed the pressure sequence biometric, within which a biometric sensor is integrated onto the card in a low-cost and mechanically compliant manner. Using an off-card verifier we demonstrated reasonable discrimination between users. We consider a number of on-card verification schemes, the best of which offers an equal error rate of 2.3%. On-card computational time requirements were found to be 3.1 seconds for enrolment and 0.12 seconds for verification. Incorporating our implementation into an existing applet used 684 bytes of program space. Whilst data memory requirements are estimated to be 1400 and 300 bytes for enrolment and verification, respectively. These time and size requirements demonstrate our biometric as a practical proposition for the protection of smart cards. Experiments were performed with the iButton's Java Card platform.
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