Simple chain grammars


Nijholt, Anton (1977) Simple chain grammars. In: Fourth Conference on Automata, Languages and Programming, 18-22 July 1977, Turku, Finland (pp. pp. 352-364).

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Abstract:A subclass of the LR(0)-grammars, the class of simple chain grammars is introduced. Although there exist simple chain grammars which are not LL(k) for any k, this new class of grammars is very close related to the class of LL(1) and simple LL(1) grammars. In fact it can be proved (not in this paper) that each simple chain grammar has an equivalent simple LL(1) grammar. A very simple (bottom-up) parsing method is provided. This method follows directly from the definition of a simple chain grammar and can easily be given in terms of the well-known LR(0) parsing method.
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