A systematic approach for component-based software development


Guareis de Farias, C.R. and Sinderen, M.J. van and Ferreira Pires, L. (2000) A systematic approach for component-based software development. In: 7th European Concurrent Engineering Conference, ECEC 2000 - Concurrent Engineering in the Framework of IT Convergence, 17-19 April 2000, Leicester, UK (pp. pp. 127-131).

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Abstract:Component-based software development enables the construction of software artefacts by assembling prefabricated, configurable and independently evolving building blocks, called software components. This paper presents an approach for the development of component-based software artefacts. This approach consists of splitting the software development process according to four abstraction levels, viz., enterprise, system, component and object, and three different views, viz., structural, behavioural and interactional. The use of different abstraction levels and views allows a better control of the development process.
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