A zooming technique for wind transport of air pollution


Berkvens, P.J.F. and Botchev, M.A. and Lioen, W.M. and Verwer, J.G. (1999) A zooming technique for wind transport of air pollution. In: Finite Volumes for Complex Applications II - Problems and Perspectives, July 19-22, 1999, Duisburg, Germany (pp. pp. 499-506).

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Abstract:In air pollution dispersion models, typically systems of millions of equations that describe wind transport, chemistry and vertical mixing have to be integrated in time. To have more accurate results over specific fixed areas of interest---usually highly polluted areas with intensive emissions---a local grid refinement or zoom is often required. For the wind transport part of the models, i.e.\ for finite volume discretizations of the transport equation, we propose a zoom technique that is positive, mass-conservative and allows to use smaller time steps as enforced by the CFL restriction in the zoom regions only.
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Additional information:Note different possible spellings of the second author's name: "Botchev" or "Bochev"
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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