$AL_{2}O_{3}$ and $Y_{2}O_{3}$ Thin Films for Active Integrated Optical Waveguide Devices


Bradley, J.D.B. and Ay, F. and Wörhoff, K. and Pollnau, M. (2006) $AL_{2}O_{3}$ and $Y_{2}O_{3}$ Thin Films for Active Integrated Optical Waveguide Devices. In: IEEE/LEOS Benelux Chapter 2006 Annual Symposium, November 30 - December 1, 2006, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 113-116).

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Abstract:$Al_{2}O_{3}$ and $Y_{2}O_{3}$ are both very promising host materials for active integrated optics applications such as rare-earth ion doped waveguide lasers. In this paper, a reactive co-sputtering process for stable, target condition-independent deposition of $Al_{2}O_{3}$ layers with high optical quality is discussed. The loss of as-deposited $Al_{2}O_{3}$ waveguides in the near infrared wavelength range was 0.3 dB/cm. Reactive ion etching of both $Al_{3}O_{2}$ and $Y_{2}O_{3}$ thin films for defining channel waveguide structures was investigated and compared using $CF_{4}/O_{2}, BCl_{3}, HBr$ and $CL_{2}$ inductively coupled plasmas.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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