A Theory of Deterministic Event Structures


Rensink, A. (1995) A Theory of Deterministic Event Structures. In: Concurrency Theory (CONCUR), Long Island, USA (pp. pp. 160-174).

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Abstract:We present an omega-U+00edU+00b0U+0080complete algebra of a class of deterministic event structures which are labelled prime event structures where the labelling function satises a certain distinctness condition. The operators of the algebra are summation sequential composition and join. Each of these gives rise to a monoid in addition a number of distributivity properties hold Summation loosely corresponds to choice and join to parallel composition with however some nonstandard aspects The space of models is a complete partial order in fact a complete lattice, in which all operators are continuous hence minimal fixpoints can be defined inductively. Moreover the submodel relation can be captured within the algebra by summation x \sqsubseteq y iff x + y = y; therefore, the effect of fixpoints can be captured by an infinitary proof rule, yielding a complete proof system for recursively defined deterministic event structures.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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