OntoAIMS: ontological approach to courseware authoring


Aroyo, L.M. and Mizoguchi, R. and Tzolov, C.K. (2004) OntoAIMS: ontological approach to courseware authoring. In: The "Second Wave" of ICT in Education: from Facilitating Teaching and Learning to Engendering Education Reform, International Conference on Computers in Education 2003, 2-5 Dec 2003, Hong Kong, China (pp. pp. 1011-1014).

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Abstract:In this paper we discuss how current ontology concepts can be beneficial for more
flexible and semantic rich description of the authoring process and for the provision of authoring
support of Intelligent Educational Systems (IES) with respect to the three main authoring
modules: domain editing, course composition and resource management. We take a semantic
perspective on the knowledge representation within such systems and explore the interoperability
between the various ontological structures for domain, instructional and resource modeling and
the modeling of the entire authoring process. We build upon our research on Authoring Task
Ontology and exemplify it within OntoAIMS system. We present authoring scenarios and show
their mapping with authoring task ontology. Further we discuss the OntoAIMS framework for
management of electronic learning objects (resources) and their usage in the automatic generation
of course templates for the authors. Finally, we describe our architecture, based on the
ontological specification of the authoring process.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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