The role of the RM-ODP computational viewpoint concepts in the MDA approach


Andrade Almeida, J.P. and Sinderen, M.J. van and Ferreira Pires, L. (2004) The role of the RM-ODP computational viewpoint concepts in the MDA approach. In: 1st European Workshop on Model-Driven Architecture with Emphasis on Industrial Applications (MDA-IA 2004), 17-18 March 2004, Enschede, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 43-51).

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Abstract:An MDA design approach should be able to accommodate designs at different levels of platform-independence. We have proposed a design approach previously (in [2]), which allows these levels to be identified. An important feature of this approach is the notion of abstract platform. An abstract platform is determined by the platform characteristics that are relevant for applications at a certain level of platform-independence, and must be established by considering various design goals. In this paper, we define a framework that makes it possible to use RM-ODP concepts in our MDA design approach. This framework allows a recursive application of the computational viewpoint at different levels of platform-independence. This is obtained by equating the RM-ODP notion of infrastructure to our notion of abstract platform.
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