Climate control of a bulk storage room for foodstuffs


Mourik, S. van and Zwart, H.J. and Keesman, K.J. (2006) Climate control of a bulk storage room for foodstuffs. In: MATHMOD 2006, Vienna International Conference on Mathematical Modelling, February 7-10, 2006, Vienna, Austria.

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Abstract:A storage room contains a bulk of potatoes that produce heat due to respiration. A ventilator blows cooled air around to keep the potatoes cool and prevent spoilage. The aim is to design a control law such that the product temperature is kept at a constant, desired level. This physical system is modelled by a set of nonlinear coupled partial differential equations (pde's) with nonlinear input. Due to their complex form, standard control design will not be adequate. A novel modelling procedure is proposed. The input is considered to attain only discrete values. Analysis of the transfer functions of the system in the frequency domain leads to a simplification of the model into a set of static ordinary differential equations ode's). The desired control law is now the optimal time to switch between the discrete input values on an intermediate time interval. The switching time can be written as a symbolic expression of all physical parameters of the system. Finally, a dynamic controller can be designed that regulates the air temperature on a large time interval, by means of adjustment of the switching time.
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