Towards Communicating Agents and Avatars in Virtual Worlds


Nijholt, Anton and Hondorp, Hendri (2000) Towards Communicating Agents and Avatars in Virtual Worlds. In: Eurographics 2000, 21-25 August 2000, Interlaken, Switzerland (pp. pp. 91-96).

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Abstract:We report about ongoing research in a virtual reality environment where visitors can interact with agents that help them to obtain information, to perform certain transactions and to collaborate with them in order to get some tasks done. In addition, in a multi-user version of the system visitors can chat with each other. Our environment is a laboratory for research and for experiments with users interacting with agents in multimodal ways, referring to visualized information and making use of knowledge possessed by domain agents, but also by agents that represent other visitors of this environment. We discuss standards that are under development for designing such environments. Our environment models a local theatre in our hometown. We discuss our attempts to let this environment evolve into a theatre community where we do not only have goal-directed visitors buying tickets, but also visitors that that are not yet sure whether they want to buy or just want information or visitors who just want to look around, talk with others, etc. It is shown that we need a multi-user and multi-agent environment to realize our goals and that we need to have a unifying framework in order to be able to introduce and maintain different agents and user avatars with different abilities, including intellectual, interaction and animation abilities.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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