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Kiss, S. and Nijholt, A. and Zwiers, J. (2003) Virtual modeling. In: Proceedings Eurographics 2003: Modeling the real world, 1-6 September 2003, Granada, Spain (pp. pp. 81-84).

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Abstract:We concentrate our efforts on building virtual modelling environments where the content creator uses controls (widgets) as an interactive adjustment modality for the properties of the edited objects. Besides the advantage of being an on-line modelling approach (visualised just like any other on-line VRML content), our approach provides also instant visualisation and an intuitive, graphical editing modality. Although visual modelling environments are more powerful in content creation than a text editor, our aim is to include certain domain knowledge to extend their capabilities. Our most recent system is a 3D character modeller capable of handling H-anim or other types of hierarchies (based also on H-anim components) and the geometry attached to them. The modelling is based on the properties of regular grid geometries, on H-anim hierarchies and where applicable, on 3D character symmetry.
The novelty of our approach consists of 1) natural graphics components; 2) integrating the interface elements into the virtual environment itself; 3) rule based modelling of 3D characters; 4) on-line modelling.
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