Resource management in IP-based radio access networks


El Allali, H. and Heijenk, G. (2001) Resource management in IP-based radio access networks. In: 7th annual CTIT Workshop - Mobile Communications in Perspective, 8 Feb 2001, Enschede, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 19-24).

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Abstract:IP is being considered to be used in the Radio Access Network (RAN) of UMTS. It is of paramount importance to be able to provide good QoS guarantees to real time services in such an IP-based RAN. QoS in IP networks is most efficiently provided with Differentiated services (Diffserv). However, currently Diffserv mainly specifies Per Hop Behaviors (PHB). Proper mechanisms for admission control and resource reservation have not yet been defined. A new resource management concept in the IP-based RAN is needed to offer QoS guarantees to real time services. We investigate the current Diffserv mechanisms and contribute to development of a new resource management protocol. We focus on the load control algorithm [9], which is an attempt to solve the problem of admission control and resource reservation in IP-based networks. In this document we present some load control issues and propose to enhance the load control protocol with the Measurement Based Admission Control (MBAC) concept. With this enhancement the traffic load in the IP-based RAN can be estimated, since the ingress router in the network path can be notified by marking packets with the resource state information. With this knowledge, the ingress router can perform admission control to keep the IP-based RAN stable with a high utilization even in overload situations.
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