The computational complexity of the role assignment problem


Fiala, J. and Paulusma, D. (2003) The computational complexity of the role assignment problem. [Report]

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Abstract:A graph $G$ is $R$-role assignable if there is a locally surjective homomorphism from $G$ to $R$, i.e. a vertex mapping $r:V_G\to V_R$, such that the neighborhood relation is preserved: $r(N_G(u)) = N_R(r(u))$. Kristiansen and Telle conjectured that the decision problem whether such a mapping exists is an {\sf NP}-complete problem for any connected graph $R$ on at least three vertices. In this paper we prove the conjecture and show further corollaries for disconnected graphs and related problems.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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