On Yao's method of translation


Liu, X. and Hoede, C. (2002) On Yao's method of translation. [Report]

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Machine Translation, i.e., translating one kind of natural language to another kind of natural language by using a computer system, is a very important research branch in Artificial Intelligence. Yao developed a method of translation that he called ``Lexical-Semantic Driven". In his system he introduced 49 ``relation types" including case relations, event relations, semantic relations, and complex relations. The knowledge graph method is a new kind of method to represent an interlingua between natural languages. In this paper, we will give a comparison of these two methods. We will translate one Chinese sentence cited in Yao�s book by using these two methods. Finally, we will use the relations in knowledge graph theory to represent the ``relations" in Lexical-Semantic Driven, and partition the relations in Lexical-Semantic Driven into groups according to the relations in knowledge graph theory.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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