Elementary Darboux transformations for the $n$-component $KP$-hierarchy


Helminck, G.F. and Leur, J.W. van de (2002) Elementary Darboux transformations for the $n$-component $KP$-hierarchy. [Report]

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Abstract:In this paper a purely algebraic setting is described in which a characterization of the dual wavefunctions of the multicomponent $KP$-hierarchy and an interpretation of the bilinear form of this system of nonlinear equations can be given. The framework enables the construction of solutions starting from a matrix version of the Sato Grassmannian and the expression in formal power series determinants, the so-called $\tau$-functions. This leads to a geometric description of the elementary Darboux transformations for the $n$-component $KP$-hierarchy and one concludes with showing how to construct them, both at the differential operator level as at the $\tau$-function level.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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