A uniform approach to semi-marginalistic values for set games


Driessen, T.S.H. and Sun, H. (2001) A uniform approach to semi-marginalistic values for set games. [Report]

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Concerning the solution theory for set games, the paper focuses on a family of solutions, each of which allocates to any player some type of marginalistic contribution with respect to any coalition containing the player. Here the marginalistic contribution may be interpreted as an individual one, or a coalitionally one. For any value of the relevant family, an axiomatization is given by three properties, namely one type of an efficiency property, the substitution property and one type of a monotonocity property. We present two proof techniques, each of which is based on the decomposition of any arbitrary set game into a union of either simple set games or elementary set games, the solutions of which are much easier to determine. A simple respectively elementary set game is associated with an arbitrary, but fixed item of the universe respectively coalition.
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