Robust audio indexing for Dutch spoken-word collections


Ordelman, Roeland and Jong, Franciska de and Huijbregts, Marijn and Leeuwen, David van (2005) Robust audio indexing for Dutch spoken-word collections. In: XVIth International Conference of the Association for History and Computing, AHC 2005, September 14-17, 2005, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 215-223).

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Abstract:Abstract—Whereas the growth of storage capacity is in accordance with widely acknowledged predictions, the possibilities to index and access the archives created is lagging behind. This is especially the case in the oral history domain and much of the rich content in these collections runs the risk to remain inaccessible for lack of robust search technologies. This paper addresses the history and development of robust audio indexing technology for searching Dutch spoken-word collections and compares Dutch audio indexing in the well-studied broadcast news domain with an oral-history case-study. It is concluded that despite significant advances in Dutch audio indexing technology and demonstrated applicability in several domains, further research is indispensable for successful automatic disclosure of spoken-word collections.
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