Gulliver project: performers and visitors


Nijholt, A. (2005) Gulliver project: performers and visitors. In: J. Hemsley & V. Cappellini & G. Stanke (Eds.), Digital Applications for Cultural and Heritage Institutions. Ashgate Publishing Ltd, Hampshire (UK), pp. 285-292. ISBN 9780754633594

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Abstract:This paper discusses two projects in our research environment. The Gulliver
project, an ambitious project conceived by some artists connected to our
research efforts, and the Aveiro-project, as well ambitious, but with goals
that can be achieved beause of technological developments, rather than be
dependent on artistic and 'political' (read: financial) sources. Both projects
are on virtual and augmented reality. The main goal is to design inhabited
environments, where 'inhabited' refers to autonomous agents and agents that
represent humans, realtime or off-line, visiting the virtual environment and
interacting with other agents. The Gulliver environment has been designed by
two artists: Matjaz Stuk and Alena Hudcovicova. The Aveiro project is a research
effort of a group of researchers trying to design models of intelligence and
interaction underlying the behavior of (groups of) agents inhabiting virtual
worlds. In this paper we survey the current state of both projects and we
discuss current and future attempts to have music performances by virtual and
real performers in these environments.
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