Practical Certificateless Aggregate Signatures From Bilinear Maps


Gong, Z. and Long, Y. and Hong, X. and Chen, Kefei (2008) Practical Certificateless Aggregate Signatures From Bilinear Maps. Journal of Information Science and Engineering, accept . ISSN 1016-2364 (In Press)

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Abstract:Aggregate signature is a digital signature with a striking property that anyone can aggregate n individual signatures on n different messages which are signed by n distinct signers, into a single compact signature to reduce computational and storage costs. In this work, two practical certificateless aggregate signature schemes are proposed from bilinear maps. The first scheme CAS-1 reduces the costs of communication and signer-side computation but trades off the storage, while CAS-2 minimizes the storage but sacrifices the communication costs. One can choose either of the schemes by consideration of the application requirement. Compare with ID-based schemes, our schemes do not entail public key certificates as well and achieve the trust level 3, which imply the frauds of the authority are detectable. Both of the schemes are proven secure in the random oracle model by assuming the intractability of the computational Diffie-Hellman problem over the groups with bilinear maps, where the forking lemma technique is avoided.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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