”AcTrust: A Security Model for Trust Based Computing


Morali, A. (2006) ”AcTrust: A Security Model for Trust Based Computing. [Masters Thesis]

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Abstract:The role of distributed system in our daily life is getting more and more important. The resources of the cyber world are consumed by peers independent from their physical locations, mobile codes interact with each other and their environment on behalf of people. Grid computing provides potential benefits to applications, but as the responsibilities and the intelligence of such systems increase, security threats that they pose to the applications increases, too. In order to prevent these distributed systems from attacks, they have to be adjusted with secure components. In such systems, openness and dynamic reconfiguration is also inevitable for scalability. Furthermore, transparent information flow between the peers can help increase the efficacy for its participants and reduce user’s cognitive load. In this thesis, we describe a reputation based trust model including a language and its operational semantics, in order to reason about security problems of open and distributed systems, as well as to prove its main security properties. We furthermore, give some examples based on two common application fields of distributed computing: e-commerce and distributed file sharing.
Item Type:Masters Thesis
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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