A water wave model with horizontal circulation and accurate dispersion


Cotter, C. and Bokhove, O. (2009) A water wave model with horizontal circulation and accurate dispersion. [Report]

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Abstract:We describe a new water wave model which is variational, and combines a depth-averaged vertical (component of) vorticity with depth-dependent potential flow. The model facilitates the further restriction of the vertical profile of the velocity potential to n-th order polynomials or a finite element profile with a small number of elements (say), leading to a framework for efficient modelling of the interaction of steepening and breaking waves near the shore with a large-scale horizontal flow. The equations are derived from a constrained variational formulation which leads to conservation laws for energy, mass, momentum and vertical vorticity (or circulation). We show that the potential flow water wave equations and the shallow-water equations are recovered in the relevant limits, and provide approximate shock relations for the model which can be used in numerical schemes to model breaking waves.

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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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