Control over multiscale mixing in broadband-forced turbulence


Kuczaj, A.K. and Geurts, B.J. (2008) Control over multiscale mixing in broadband-forced turbulence. In: IUTAM symposium on computational physics and new perspectives in turbulence, 11-14 September, 2006, Nagoya, Japan (pp. pp. 131-136).

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Abstract:The effects of explicit flow modulation on the dispersion of a passive scalar field are studied. Broadband forcing is applied to homogeneous isotropic turbulence to modulate the energy cascading and alter the kinetic energy spectrum. Consequently, a manipulation of turbulent flow can be achieved over an extended range of scales beyond the directly forced ones. This modifies transport processes and influences the physical-space turbulent mixing of a passive scalar field. We investigate by direct numerical simulation the stirring-efficiency associated with turbulence modified by forcing. This is quantified by monitoring the surface-area and wrinkling of a level-set of the passive scalar field. We consider different forcing to manipulate the quality and rate of mixing. The instantaneous mixing efficiency measured in terms of surface-area or wrinkling is found to increase when additional energy is introduced at the smaller scales. The increased intensity of small scales significantly influences the small-scale mixing characteristics depicted by wrinkling, while the forcing of large scales primarily affects the surface-area. Evaluation of geometrical statistics in broadband-forced turbulence indicates that the self-amplification process of vorticity and strain is diminished. This leads generally to smaller extremal values of the velocity gradients but higher average values as a result of the competition between the natural cascading processes and the explicit small-scales forcing.
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