Game Development Framework Based Upon Sensors and Actuators


Brandenburg, R. van and Horst, A. and Burgers, B. and Meratnia, N. (2008) Game Development Framework Based Upon Sensors and Actuators. In: On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2008 Workshops, 9-14 Nov 2008, Monterrey, Mexico (pp. pp. 861-872).

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Abstract:Urge for comfort and excitement have made gadgets indispensable part of our life. The technology-enabled gadgets not only facilitate and enrich our daily lives but also are interesting tools to challenge human imagination to design and implement new ubiquitous applications. Pervasive gaming, in which human interaction and game/scenario-dependent designs are often common practices, has proved to be one of the areas to successfully combine technology and the human fantasy. By moving away from games being played by humans and by focusing instead on games played by robots and giving humans the leading role of defining game strategies and players’ roles, this paper aims at bridging the two fields of robotics and wireless sensor/actuator networks and exploring their potentials in the field of pervasive gaming. A generic game development framework is introduced that accommodates different types of robots and various kinds of sensors and actuators. Being extensible and modular, the proposed framework can be used for a wide range of pervasive applications built upon sensors and actuators. To enable game development, a Wiimote-based robot identification and localization technique is presented. The proposed framework and robot identification, localization, control and communication mechanisms are evaluated by implementing a game example.
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