Providing over-the-horizon awareness to driver support systems


Eenennaam, Martijn van and Heijenk, Geert (2008) Providing over-the-horizon awareness to driver support systems. In: Fourth International Workshop on Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications, V2VCOM, June 3, 2008, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 19-25).

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Abstract:Vehicle-to-vehicle communications is a promising technique for driver support systems to increase traffic safety and efficiency. A proposed system is the Congestion Assistant [1], which aims at supporting drivers when approaching and driving in a traffic jam. Studies have shown great potential for the Congestion Assistant to reduce the impact of congestion, even at low penetration. However, these studies assumed complete and instantaneous availability of information regarding position and velocity of vehicles ahead. In this paper, we introduce a system where vehicles collaboratively build a so-called TrafficMap, providing over-the-horizon awareness. The idea is that this TrafficMap provides highly compressed information that is both essential and sufficient for the Congestion Assistant to operate. Moreover, this TrafficMap can be built in a distributed way, where only a limited subset of the vehicles have to alter it and/or forward it in the upstream direction. Initial simulation experiments show that our proposed system provides vehicles with a highly compressed view of the traffic ahead with only limited communication.
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