Measuring Behavior using Motion Capture


Fikkert, F.W. and Kooij, H. van der and Ruttkay, Z.M. and Welbergen, H. van (2008) Measuring Behavior using Motion Capture. In: 6th International Conference on Methods and Techniques in Behavioral Research, Measuring Behavior 2008, 26-29 August 2008, Maastricht, The Netherlands (pp. p. 13).

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Abstract:Motion capture systems, using optical, magnetic or mechanical sensors are now widely used to record
human motion. Motion capture provides us with precise measurements of human motion at a very high
recording frequency and accuracy, resulting in a massive amount of movement data on several joints of the
body or markers of the face. But how do we make sure that we record the right things? And how can we
correctly interpret the recorded data?
In this multi-disciplinary symposium, speakers from the field of biomechanics, computer animation, human
computer interaction and behavior science come together to discus their methods to both record motion and
to extract useful properties from the data. In these fields, the construction of human movement models from
motion capture data is the focal point, although the application of such models differs per field. Such
models can be used to generate and evaluate highly adaptable and believable animation on virtual
characters in computer animation, to explore the details of gesture interaction in Human Computer
Interaction applications, to identify patterns related to affective states or to find biomechanical properties of
human movement.
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