Cognitive Radion on a reconfigurable platform


Walters, K.H.G. (2007) Cognitive Radion on a reconfigurable platform. [Masters Thesis]

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Abstract:This report was made as part of the MSc project of KarelWalters, which started February
2007 and finalized in August the same year. During this project a specific sparse FFT,
transform decomposition, has been implemented on the Montium. This has been done as
part of the development of an OFDMreceiver for Cognitive radio. Within cognitive radio
certain parts of the frequency spectrum are used. Which carriers are used depends on the
current usage of the spectrum, therefore these carriers vary and might very well be scarce.
In such a scenario calculating a complete FFT is a waste of computational power and bus /
NOC bandwidth. For that purpose the transform decomposition is used where only a
certain amount of samples within a FFT is calculated and thus saving resources. This
report shows how this algorithm is implemented and how much is actually saved by
using this implementation. Next to this it shows a way for run-time reconfiguration of the
Montium using a radix-2 FFT. The last chapter shows a demonstration of all this on the
BCVP platform and a user interface part implemented on the PC.
Item Type:Masters Thesis
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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