Cricket inspired flow-sensor arrays


Krijnen, G.J.M. and Lammerink, T.S.J. and Wiegerink, R.J. and Casas, J. (2007) Cricket inspired flow-sensor arrays. In: IEEE Sensors 2007, 28-31 October 2007, Atlanta, GA, USA (pp. pp. 539-546).

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Abstract:We report current developments in biomimetic flow-sensors based on mechanoreceptive sensory hairs of crickets. These filiform hairs are highly perceptive to lowfrequency sound with energy sensitivities close to thermal threshold. In this work we describe hair-sensors fabricated by a combination of sacrificial poly-silicon technology, to form silicon-nitride suspended membranes, and SU8 polymer processing for fabrication of hairs with diameters of about 50 μm and up to 1 mm length. The membranes have thin chromium electrodes on top forming variable capacitors with the substrate allowing for capacitive read-out. Previously these sensors have been shown to exhibit acoustic sensitivity. Based on a hydrodynamic – mechanical interaction model we derive a figure of merit. We present optical measurements on acoustically excited hair-sensors. Experimental data and the derived models are shown to exhibit good correspondence.
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