Controlled Rewriting Using Productions and Reductions.


Hogendorp, Jan Anne (1988) Controlled Rewriting Using Productions and Reductions. In: Computing Science in The Netherlands, CSN '88, November 3-4, 1988, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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Abstract:We investigate context-free grammars the rules of which can be used in a productive and in a reductive fashion, while the application of these rules is controlled by a regular language. We distinguish several modes of derivation for this kind of grammar. The resulting language families (properly) extend the family of context-free languages. We establish some closure properties of these language families and some grammatical transformations which yield a few normal forms for this type of grammar. Finally, we consider some special cases (viz. the context-free grammar is linear or left-linear), and generalizations, in particular, the use of arbitrary rather than regular control languages.
Item Type:Conference or Workshop Item
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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